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The main focus of the OTEF organization is to conduct extensive research on social media around the world. We have also developed a unique IT product to combat hostile propaganda on the TikTok platform. Our work focuses on analyzing hostile content, investigating propaganda strategies and predicting follow-up actions. Through our research, we have found that propaganda against Israel and Jews follows a specific script, with new coordinated inserts and fakes appearing on a weekly basis. It is important that we understand the purpose of each fake and the intended consequences of its dissemination. The colossal amount of false, anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli information on social media is greatly amplified by bot farms. Iran, Qatar, Russia and China are waging a massive information (cyber) war against Israel and the Jewish diaspora. These massive hostile movements, moods, attitudes, demonstrations, everything that is now occurring on the streets of the Western world: Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA, is a consequence of social media propaganda that we must actively oppose!
Below you will find two videos: one general about the current situation and its impact on Jews worldwide; the other is about BITE. After watching both videos, please follow the link below and follow the instructions.
Organization OTEF Israel (Information Warfare) – video presentation by Roman Kaplun:
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Preparing for information warfare long before 7.10 \ Cyber warfare with the help of bot farms and artificial intelligence \ The Knesset knows about us \ The main targets of enemy propaganda \ Riots on the streets of Europe and the United States under the obvious influence of TikTok \ The conclusion of the Economic Forum: the global threat to humanity is social networks controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) and spreading fakes \ Only one solution in the fight against enemy propaganda – cyber weapons BITE

Welcome to BITE – your personalized product! – Presentation video
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A program to defeat worldwide propaganda against the State of Israel and the Jews

BITE was created for everyone who wants to take part in the fight against the information war. Everyone gets access to the system via Telegram. Basically, you get your own remote control. A separate widget is created for each user on our servers, where complex information is processed, especially with the help of artificial intelligence. At this stage, BITE works with TikTok, more precisely, with the help of this system, hostile publications and authors are blocked. In the future, the product will be extended to other social media platforms.

Please use a few basic functions. You can find all the details in this video.

Get access to BITE: You will now be added to the channel for verification. Please be patient, you will get access shortly.

You are welcome to ask further questions and also give us a link to your Telegram. We will get in touch with you shortly.

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